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Fried Dough is electronic psych, equally inspired by the psychedelic mastery of Pink Floyd, rhythms of modern Radiohead, and experimental electronic artists along the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Four Tet and Modeselektor. The music blends dark trip hop rhythms and spacey electronic textures and funky grooves.


Vocals, guitar, bass, synths, computer / Boni
Vocals, guitar, lots of pedals, computer / Dr Touchscreen
Vocals, synths, bass / Bolden


Photo by  Jon Simonassi

Photo by Jon Simonassi


Live shows




03.21.19 - Žižkovská Noc 2019 Prague, Czechia

03.22.19 - Žižkovská Noc 2019 Prague, Czechia

03.23.19 - Szpitalna 1 Krakow, Poland

03.26.19 - Chmury Warsaw, Poland

03.27.19 - Ziemia Gdansk, Poland

03.29.19 - WERK2-Kulturfabrik Leipzig, Germany

03.30.19 - Rosswein, Germany

03.31.19 - Halle, Germany


Dec 08 SAT The Monarch Tavern Toronto, ON

Aug 31 FRI   The Monarch Tavern                  Toronto, ON

Apr 08 SUN   Speak EZ                            Numazu, Japan

Apr 07 SAT   Shibuya Eggman                      Tokyo, Japan

Apr 02 MON   Ikebukuro Chop                      Tokyo, Japan

Mar 31 SAT   Soup Ochiai                         Tokyo, Japan

Mar 30 FRI   The Ruby Room                       Tokyo, Japan

Mar 22 THU   Bovine Sex Club                     Toronto, ON

Mar 17 SAT   The Smiling Buddha                  Toronto, ON

Mar 14 WED   The Painted Lady                    Toronto, ON

Feb 15 THU   The Horseshoe                       Toronto, ON



Oct 13 FRI   The Smiling Buddha                 Toronto, ON

Aug 10 FRI   The Monarch Tavern                 Toronto, ON

Jun 1  THU   C'est What?                        Toronto, ON


Apr 3  MON   The Haunt Ithaca                   Ithaca, NY

Apr 4  TUE   3 Heads Brewing                   Rochester, NY

Apr 6  TUE   Electric Haze                     Worcester, MA

Apr 7  FRI   Tin Angel At Serrano            Philadelphia, PA

Apr 7  SAT   Ottobar                           Baltimore, MD


Oct 29 SAT   Loft404                            Toronto, ON